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Three hour session
Where: 3263 heather Street.
Cost: $75.00 per person.(10 to 15 people needed for the group.)
The host who organizes the group get a complimentary entry.
Private Consultation available also.Please call to book your private appointment.

Step By Step Program is a private consultation to rediscover yourself.It is a communication program to look deep inside and go beyond the wildest of your imagination.

1- How to Identify the cause of stress in your body.
2- Analyze: Can we prevent? How can we mitigate? What resources are needed? This gives you            information and reduces the emotional paralysis.
3. Take action immediately. Do something right away to prevent the cause, reduce the impact, or  
eliminate the stress. This gives you a feeling of control.


THE 3 Key Notes To The Step by step Mantra:

Being honest and making peace with myself in the midst of all my sufferings.

Gaining the strength, building my inner core and feeling courageous to offer whatever is within my potential.

Getting rid of the fear for survival. Thinking positive to make it happen putting my heart and soul with my full imagination.

The above mantra will produce the moment you have been waiting for.

This creative step by step process  is almost like an incubation where everything stored for many years will be exposed to meet and mingle to produce that A-HA moment.

Does the creative process includes a crucial secret to incubation? Would you like to know the secret?

The answer is NOTHING.

To be totally disengaged is to feel the sensuality and ecstasy in you to overcome all the mental blocks.


After completing this course, I was able to better understand my relationship with food. Bhavna helped me see that there is a relationship between stress and overeating in my life. She also taught us some meditation/relaxation techniques that have proven very effective in my life. This course has helped me regain direction and control in attaining my health goals.

Nain Rai Dayal.

School teacher


Private Groups only.Please email us or call to get your group package information.

Happy Organ 8 week Challenge. Let’s make our organs happy, our meridians breath and dance to flow.

Have you ever wondered why your energy levels fluctuate and your moods change during the day? What else can influence them other than what you eat and how you feel and hormone and brain chemical fluctuations. The Traditional Chinese (TCM) medicine has discovered that there is a body clock that is reflected in the energy meridians that are linked to the organs.

THE best times to eat, sleep, work, do mental work and to have sex are all set out like clockwork in Traditional Chinese medicine.There’s a time for everything in Traditional Chinese medicine.
Timing and schedule are crucial to maintain health.
Our bodies move like clockwork and each organ meridian has a two-hour period when qi (energy) is at its peak.
The qi flows clockwise through the 12 meridians over 24 hours and shifts between yin (cold) and yang (hot) energies.
Happy Organ is a program of powerful stretching and breathing for everybody who wants to stay healthy.

Living according to the clock can strengthen health.
This system embodies a balanced approach to physical and mental fitness. It is a preventative health program to revive physical strength with psychological fitness for spiritual and emotional development.


I highly recommend the Happy Organs Workshop led by Bhavna. I have done a great deal of yoga and energy work and I found this workshop very, very powerful. I loved the openings it created for my body as well the increased vitality. and sense of well being. I also appreciated that I now have a routine that I can practice at home whenever I choose. Bhavnas style is highly skilled as well as playful and personal to each student. The workshop is a ten out of ten!!!

Beverly Pugh


I have tried various types of yoga classes over the years, but I was always unsatisfied with the result. I found the moves awkward and overly repetitive. Bhanva’s Organ Yoga is a refreshing routine that I enjoy doing. The movements are simple and easy on the body; I also feel energized and relaxed after completing the routine. I am very thankful that I was able to participate in Bhavna’s Organ Yoga class this past summer.

Nain Rai Dayal

School Teacher


I had the pleasure of taking part in Bhavna’s Organ Rejuvenation Yoga Series this summer.  I found it very beneficial in that my flexibility drastically improved.  Bhavna’s extensive knowledge in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine make this experience very different than any other yoga or meditation course I had previously taken.

Highly Recommended!

Dr. Gurinder Dayal, ND