Monday clinic client testimonials

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All I can say is WOW!!! My day’s been amazing! Feeling like a wet noodle. (a happy burnt faced one at that). I spent my ‘Me Time’ day downtown with beautiful Bhavna at her delightful Inner Evolution Healing Center, (16th & Heather). It’s been my loving sacred space and a healing refuge over the months. (very important to have a ‘sacred’ space for ourselves whatever that is for you). We began the morning off with a 90+ minute Shiatsu/Reiki attunement (full purging and all…ouchee!) …hence, magical would be an understatement. There’s nothing better than experiencing, feeling and knowing I’m cleansing and aligning My Self to it’s purest most beautiful natural state of BE-ing. Body, mind and soul ‘connection’ is true en’LIGHT’enment. So as if that wasn’t heavenly enough, I then had the absolute privilege to sit in an amazing ‘Circle of Love’ Ceremony with such a lovely mix of gorgeous hearts. 528 was our date. The purpose? To “Tune in to Love”. 528 Hz is the beautiful sound “frequency of love” and healing. Our intention: We let the realization unfold without analyzing it. (aka: get out of your head and into your heart… naturally). To have that time to free ourselves from our thoughts and thinking…allowing it to be an authentic experience, and perhaps a key to a new journey. (it won me over). This practice helps to reduce stress, center ourselves and enter into a space of stillness, while harmonizing our surroundings. The sound is most beautiful and FUN!! when we’re all tuning-in! The wonderful kind-hearted gentle soul, Michael Kraus who leads this experience notes, “Creating the foundation of what is yet to be. To have a big heart is the highest expression of humaneness and certainly the most beautiful one.” ♥ I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t agree. Simplicity in a single tone. We’re looking forward to seeing ‘this tune’ in the schools and corporations throughout, and if it’s as fun as it was today, it’ll be everywhere!! Also, please visit Bhavna and her terrific team at as she hosts ongoing healing, fun, local artisan and community events often. Sending big love out your way ~ I’m playing our tune! Hope you had some ‘Me Time’ too. XO

~Shannon Morse


I had my first ever Shiatsu treatment on Monday. It was AMAZING. I can’t really explain why except to say that it was an incredibly caring and effective treatment that I spent most of my time thinking of people who I thought could really use the same benefits that I was getting – namely release of blocked energy and stress. If you haven’t tried it and are anything other than a perfectly harmonized shaman then I humbly suggest that you should at least try Shiatsu therapy and Bhavana is a great practitioner.

~Rupert Whiting (Business Coach)


My relationship with Bhavna has transformed my life, as well as those around me. I found Bhavna through one of her advertisements in a Health magazine and knew the second we spoke that she would be a very important part of my life.

I have had several problems with my back and hips, all of which are minimal to nonexistent now. Bhavna has worked with me in mind, body and soul. I have attended her workshops and love the constant love and energy she exudes to everyone she works with. I have worked with dozens upon dozens of body work professionals and I have NEVER worked with anyone so in tune to energy and healing as Bhavna.

My daughter has also seen Bhavna on several occasions to alleviate the pain of a Dance related injury, (that several practitioners from Chiropractors to Physio -Therapists have not been able to correct).

I have often said that if and when I win the lottery I would hire her Full Time to work with me and my family. Although that would not be fair to the rest of the world if she was not sharing her amazing gifts. Our relationship has blossomed into a wonderful, trusting friendship that I cherish dearly.

I would recommend Bhavna to anyone looking for a truly Sacred Healing experience; it will change your life!


~Ilana K Lewis (Raw Food Chef)


Thank You so much my new dear friend. so much was moved this morning in meditation and I am sure it will continue. I realize my path is opening to another level of my being…. and the old stuff is ready to fall away…. but no one can do it alone, I thank the Guru who guided you to help me remove this layer of darkness. Thank you again for the wisdom of your presence and your acceptance in helping move a stranger into friendship with himself and then truly with others.

Always Love
~Bob Wisdom



I have been having shiatsu with Bhavna for about 6 months now after my girlfriend recommended her to me.I recommend all my friends go and see her as she is amazing. Sometimes I tell her if I have a sore back or neck or what ever, and other times I just let her work out what my body needs. Her hands are very intuitive and can feel where my energy is blocked in my body and also how much pressure is required to release it. She truely has healing hands. Each time I leave after a session I feel so calm, centred and clear like a fog has been lifted.Thanks again Bhavna

~Andy Vancouver, B.C.


I feel very fortunate to have benefited from Bhavana`s generous spirit, as well as her knowledge in healing. I wish her great success with her endevour to spread well-being to many others.

~Dena Nishizaki


I met Bhavna through our Shiatsu Therapy Association events and noticed right away her desire and passion to being successful as a Shiatsu Therapist. We started a working relationship and over time it developed into a friendship where there is support and encouragement to keep on moving forward and succeeding in our practices. She is extremely hard working, very professional and has drive and determination. She comes from a background of business and entrepreneurship and it shows in her understanding of what it takes to build a business. She is constantly looking to improve herself as a person, a mother, a therapist and a business woman. In my humble eyes she is what I call a “Superwoman”.

~Mihael Mamychshvili (RST)
Owner Angel Hands Wellness


I have known Bhavna Solecki personally and professionally since 2002 when we attended the Sourcepoint Shiatsu School together. Bhavna is an excellent practitioner and conducts herself very professionally. We have done many gigs together and it is always a pleasure to work with her. I have also received many treatments from her and consider her to have great skill and knowledge. Opening a healing centre is something Bhavna has openly spoken about for a long time and I know that she will be successful in this endeavour.

~Alisa Ashley
Owner/operator of On The Job Massage


I have worked with Bhavna on several occasions in the past three years and I have found her to be very professional, organized and a pleasure to work with. Bhavna is wonderful with people and very skilled as a Shiatsu Therapist. She has proven to be successful in all of her endeavours.

Bhavna is a beautifully, eloquent speaker about issues concerning women, finding happiness and existing in this world of change. I felt empowered as a woman and more deeply, as a person from her personal stories and her ability to instill power of choice in the way we think, relate and live.

Bhavna is an unpretentious, inspiring person who has the ability to simplify the chaos around us by presenting basic tools of insight. She creates an environment of ease around her, where the group was comfortable expressing their thoughts, viewpoints and even personal stories about their lives. I felt like the workshop enabled me to slightly shift my focus to a greater openness and possibilities about my future.

I felt like whatever darkness was lingering in my body was pushed out by this technique and I left the workshop, light and peaceful.


~Francesca Del Bianco, RST


Bhavna has been one of our top practitioners in regards to reliability, professionalism and punctuality. She has had no instances of tardiness to appointments, late payments to the company or any incident requiring reprimanding. Bhavna continues to be an exemplary role model to other practitioner for her level of professionalism. She is a joy to work with and her attitude always exceptional.

~Troy Melnick


You are magical! I’ve had massages for over thirty years in many places including spas like Canyon Ranch and you are truly the very best of the best. Thank you so much for helping me with the stress pains in my back and neck this summer. What you achieved for me in pain relief in 90 minutes has never happened in the past. It allowed me to spend some of the more stress filled weeks up in Vancouver successfully negotiating with some fairly difficult people. You have a remarkable gift, dear Bhavna, and I’m so grateful that you were there at the right moment in my life. My only regret is that I don’t live in Vancouver where I could see you regularly! The praise doesn’t begin to capture how much I respect you for your talent. I crave your fingers!!! I hope to find a reason to travel through Vancouver and see you again soon.

~Michele La Noue Texas


Been troubled for forty years with chronic neck pain from a car accident and recent lower back/pelvic issues drove me to seek treatment at Inner Evolution Centre.

My neck muscles have regained strength and resilience, my lower back has greatly improved from weekly massages and treatments. I feel like they have given me “myself” back.

~Janice Tetlock


“It’s been two years since I got introduced to Bhavna and the centre which literally changed my life in so many magical ways, to name a few: participated in wonderful valuable business, marketing and self development workshops that helped me have a deeper perspective on what it is that I do and how I do it, love the community events and speakers that share knowledge regarding healing and self exploration, met wonderful people who I can call friends, opened my heart at Chanting evenings and…enjoy massages with Sab! She rocks!!! Thank you so much Bhavna for being here as a shining business in my neighborhood and as the wonderful friend that you are! I love you and wish for the centre to grow, prosper and be as vibrant as you wish it to be, serving all from your heart!”

~Hila Russ,
Director, Artist & Educator


Bhavna and her team are amazing. I have had several treatments at the center and each time I have left rejuvenated and feeling great. Bhavna is a very professional holistic healer who has a big heart and truly wants to make a difference in peoples hectic lives and our busy society. I have also worked with Sabea and Ashley and found them both to be very caring and amazing individuals. The center is a very unique and special place and well worth a visit.

~Laurie Finnigan
Director of Operations



Inner Evolution Center is a unique community with friendly members where everyone has your well being and great experience in mind. I highly recommend using their services to take care of your health.

~Iman Aghay
Founder Vancouver Business Network


I love coming to the Inner Evolution Centre! My last visit was a beautiful experience into something I never attempted which was hypnosis with Reza. I felt completely relaxed and time seemed to slow down and all the noise just faded away. What felt like 10 mins was actually a full hour. After this experience I found myself practising more meditation and self hypnosis through my day to get centred, balanced and deal with daily stress. Thank you Reza and thank you to Bhavna for creating such a healing space with Inner Evolution.

~George Mittias


Inner Evolution Healing Centre has great energy from the minute you walk in the door. It is wonderful to have a centre that offers such a wide range of therapies and informative workshops.

From the day I met Bhavna, I felt a deep connection with her. Over the years, I’ve found her to be extremely insightful and intuitive. I’ve received several treatments from her, and her knowledge and skills are extensive! She is a truly an amazing healer.

~Thank you!