This time, this time, is it unusual? Expert: Let the recovery more solemn

This time, this time, is it unusual? Expert: Let the recovery more solemn

The lower half of the rapid response is the first year of 2020, a sudden new crown pneumonia epidemic swept across the country.

In this battle "epidemic", the majority of medical staff and epidemic prevention workers have went all out, and heroically fought in the first line of the epidemic prevention and control. Some people even got a valuable life. Thousands of compatriots also died of neoguanpi pneumonia. The 3rd announced that the 4th, the country and the overseas hide the sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred sacred

At 10 o’clock, the people of the whole country for 3 minutes, car, train, ship whistle, air defense alarm sounded. The reporter combed to discover, and in the form of a form, in the form, it is refined.

Beijing Daily reported that Beijing Subway Operation Co., Ltd. is a deep condolences to sacrifice martyrs and death compatriots in all ethnic groups in the country. At 10 o’clock on April 4th, all lines of Beijing Metro will temporarily park for 3 minutes. During the train, the train whistle is 15 seconds. Before the start of mourning, the train driver and station staff will notify the passenger through broadcast.

The Macao SAR Government also released an advertisement, in accordance with the notice issued by the General Office of the State Council, during the National Mourning Activities, all the flags, the flag, the legislature, and the judiciary, foreign office, school office, school office, school office , Public facilities and location, etc., will be mourning the next half, and stop public entertainment activities, as well as all celebration or festive activities. Article 14 of the "National Flag Law" in the Fragment of the Flag Law stipulates that unfortunate events that have a particular major casualties or serious natural disasters can cause major casualties.

The National Flag Law also stated that people who died of outstanding contributions to the People’s Republic of China, and they could solk the next half of the flag, and decided by the State Council.

The lower half of the flag is mourning, a ceremony that expresss mourning and recording of the deceased, this ceremony is solemn, serious, deep.

As some media reports, the horizontal flag of the wind is in the corner of the wind, I am typing people’s eyes, I also typected the emotions of the people.

So what is the case of the incident? The reporter has discovered that since the founding of New China, my country is half the flag of the martyrs sacrificed abroad. One is May 12, 1999, and three marties such as Xu Lixi, who have been killed in the NATO Embassy in the South of China; another is 2010 Annual 8 China Haiti Policemen who mourned in the earthquake. A total of 3 times due to major casualties or severe natural disasters occurred in particular major casualties, with a total of 3 times in the nationwide and overseas agencies, respectively: After a week of Wenchuan earthquake, for the victims, after the earthquake in 2010, The victims of the victims; after the occurrence of extra large mudslides in Zhouqu County, Gansu Province in 2010, the victims were asked.

The unusual short half flag, the soul of the soul is the most spring, and it is clear from the tears.

In the Ching Ming Festival, the national and embassy of the Hand House, in order to sacrifice the martyrs and death compatriots to fight new coronal pneumonia, this is also the first half of the Ching Ming Festival, the first half of the Qingming Festival. In the special node of the Ching Ming Festival, the festival will be mourning, apparently not casual. Professor of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (National Administration), Xie Zhiqiang said in an interview with strong national forum, in China’s most important ritual festival, one of the Ching Ming Festival, held the next half of the flag, which has both historical and practical significance. "In the face of such a major public health event, our compatriots have made a big sacrifice, some people have even paid their lives, and the state has paid a lot.

The Ching Ming Festival is the festival of the old people. In this node, the next half of the flag is mourning, letting the ceremony are more solemn, and also express the victims of the national people to sacrifice and the death compatriots. "Xie Zhiqiang said that the lower half of the flag ceremony also reflects the country’s high attention to the safety and physical health of the people." Always put the lives of the people in the world in the first place, everything is from life.

Also call the voice of the people, always stand with the people. "The Central Party School (the National Institute of Administration) also believed that the next half of the flag-raising ceremony was respectful in the Ching Ming Festival.

"New corona pneumonia is wide, we have compatriots in the epidemic, and some compatriots are sacrificed in order to defend their lives, and the lower half of the country is a mourning for them. This also shows the country to the people. Pay attention to reflect the respect of the state’s life derived.