Shenzhen has built 130 new schools this year

Shenzhen has built 130 new schools this year

Original title: Increased degree supply in 20021 in our city’s large-scale construction school is the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", which is also the year of Shenzhen "large-scale school construction plan". Since this year, Shenzhen has solidly promoted the practice activities of "I am doing practical things for the people", and the power of the city, all departments jointly, and continuously increase the supply of basic degrees. As of October This year, 130 schools in Shenzhen have been put into use, and approximately 120,000 basic education degrees. The degree is running out of Shenzhen "acceleration" "education to achieve happiness of people’s livelihood, and education determines the future.

"Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have always attached great importance to degree construction. In December 2020," Shenzhen City on accelerating degrees and promotion of high-quality development of basic education ", proposed to carry out large-scale school construction plans, by 2025 new basic education degree super After the completion of the completion, the public Pu high degree will be doubled. The public compulsory education degree is close to double. This marks the overall scale of Shenzhen’s basic education will take a new level of magnitude, in the road to "Minsheng Happiness Beam". Focus on solving the crucial hard strokes and tricks in the "care", "care".

  Before the new semester of the new semester, the Guangming District Phoenix Experimental School delivered the use, the public told reporters to Zhang Chengxiao, last year, the school is still a construction site. I didn’t expect the annual change, a high standard construction school. Land. Phoenix Experimental School is only a miniature of Shenzhen’s large-scale school construction. In order to resolve the shortage of dispersions from population scale, Shenzhen will join the city this year, all departments jointly, proceeded, special event, and strive to form work A batch, pushed a batch, built a batch of good situation, continued to increase the supply of basic degree, and ran out the expansion of the basic education to expand "acceleration." According to reports, according to the plan, Shenzhen this year, 90 new schools, 60 kindergartens, will be built in 146 schools, and there will be approximately 130,000 basic education degrees. As of October This year, 130 schools in the city have been put into use, and there are approximately 120,000 basic education degrees.

Among them: 9 public licensions, 60 public compulsory education schools, 61 kindergartens. The number of new degrees and growth ranked first in the country, and the first demonstration goal of "young good education and learning" in Shenzhen education has made a solid foundation. In the outer lead, the quality of Shenzhen Education "High Quality" is the lifeline of education development, and the quality of education is the core and fundamental of the people’s satisfaction education.

Shenzhen adheres to the improvement of the educational development concept of improving quality as the core, strives to build the "Shenzhen Quality" of education, and strive to do every school in the door of the public, struggling to paint "young and good pill, learn to teach" beautiful picture.

Chen Qiu Ming, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Education and Work Committee, highlights: "New School must become a new force for the first demonstration of Shenzhen basic education, which requires the new school to cross the stable stages of difficult exploration, and open the door is a good school." In recent years, Shenzhen introduces high-quality resources to help new school construction, vigorously promotes the grouping schools, builds the "famous school + new school" development model, realizing the sharing of quality education resources, promoting the balance of education. In July of this year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a Shenzhen innovation initiative and experience practices, and the group-running school promoted the experience practices of high quality education "flowering" everywhere. At present, the city has built 28 primary and secondary education groups. In September this year, it also introduced into Guangdong Experimental Middle School. Northeast China’s large-scale national famous schools have worked in cooperation, achieving new high school "building an excellent" goal. In terms of premature education, we will continue to expand high-quality resources coverage, and output 15 municipal kindergartens in all districts and high quality management experience and talents, and strive to create high-quality kindergarten courses, comprehensively escort the high quality development of preschool education. (Reporter Yao Zhuo Wen correspondent Peng Shufang) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhu) Sharing makes more people see.